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BFT Italy Gate Automation Systems




Automation for Sliding gates


  • DEIMOS (up to 800 kg), 24v
  • URANO BT (up to 1200 kg, 24v


Electromechanical Swing gates


  • PHOBOS (up to 250 kg, 5m)
  • VIRGO (up to 200 kg, 2m
  • IGEA (up to 250 kg, 2.5m)


Hydraulic Swing gates


  • ORO (up to 200 kg, 2.5m)
  • LUX (up to 800 kg, 5m)
  • LUX BT (up to 300 kg, 2m)


Control Units


  • Universal control panel for one or two 24V motors with limit switch with 1 or 2 wires
  • Total control of programming by digital display and three simple buttons





GENIUS Italy Gate Automation Systems



  • FALCON - 5 - 8 - 424, are non-reversing electro-mechanical gearmotors suitable for automating sliding gates of up to 400 kg and 800 kg.
  • Gearmotor body in die-cast aluminium, and protective housings in ABS make it a pleasing, robust and safe product.
  • The lever release system with customised key enables the leaf to be moved by hand.


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